Customer Privacy and Security

1. We respect your privacy and confidentiality. MyGeneImage does not provide information about you or your results to any third party.

2. Internal procedures are implemented to vigorously protect customer information. Access to portions of your information will be limited to MyGeneImage employees assigned to work with your orders.

3. As soon as your order is placed it is given an anonymous ID number that we use to track your order. Your name will never be associated with the sample, only to send out your artwork.

4. All DNA samples are destroyed within 1 month of processing your order. (Unless you request otherwise.)

5. The facility that is used for all of your DNA work is a world class facility that provides services to the research community.

6. The website of MyGeneImage contains links to other sites. MyGeneImage is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these sites. Unless explicitly stated, the linkage does not imply any relationship, sponsorship, or affiliation between MyGeneImage and these sites. Further, linkage to these sites does not imply any adoption or approval of their content either.

Samples and Data Storage and Protection

1. Samples submitted to MyGeneImage to be process are stored at its facility for no more than 30 days from the time of receipt.

2. Data from samples submitted to MyGeneImage will be stored at its facility for no more than 30 days from the time samples are processed.

3. You may request that MyGeneImage discard your samples or data prior to the times listed above.

4. We store and process customer data in accordance with the current legal requirements of the Federal data protection law, the telecommunications laws and teleservices protection law.

Consumer Disclaimer

1. Since MyGeneImage does not monitor the collection of the bucal cell samples to be processed, it makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of the source of the cells. Strict processing procedures are in place at MyGeneImage, in which every effort is made to prevent mistakes from happening. MyGeneImage is not responsible for errors involving the collection process by the consumer.

2. The results are not court-admissible.

3. If you believe there is an error in the product regarding the results of the processed DNA, please immediately contact MyGeneImage to resolve any discrepancies.

4. If an error in handling or processing has been determined, the sole and exclusive remedies will be either a refund of the purchase paid to you by MyGeneImage or a second order, which is to be processed and completed by MyGeneImage at its expense. Such remedy will be selected by MyGeneImage at its discretion.

Refund Policy

1. MyGeneImage will accept returns on sample collection kits only prior to opening packaging seal and processing samples. No exceptions will be made for opened or used testing materials.

2. Requests for refunds must be declared within 30 days of order purchase by phone, e-mail, or writing.

3. Refunds will be credited back only to the credit card used for purchase.


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