How do I place an order and what happens after the order is placed?

To place an order, go to www.mygeneimage.com and click on the order button. You will be guided through the whole process. In 2-3 days after you placed the order, you will receive a packaged Sample Collection kit with instructions enclosed. Basically, in the package, you will find a sample collector. use it to swab the inner side of your mouth. Put it inside our return package and mail it back to us (Note: postage cost for the return of the Sample Collection Package must be borne by the customer). After we receive your Sample Collection Package, we will extract DNA from your buccal (cheek) cells, process them and generate the DNA sequence that you desired. We then turn the sequence into art and ship it to you. The whole process takes about two weeks.

How long does it take for me to receive the final product after I place the order?

See answer to question #1. In summary, it takes 2-3 days for you to receive the Sample Collection Package after you place the order. After we receive your sample, it takes about 2 weeks for you to receive the final product.

What is the last point in the process at which I can change my order?

If you want to make changes to your order, you have to do so before we receive the Sample Collection Kit back from you. As soon as we receive the sample, we process it immediately. If you would like to change your order before this point, please call us at 888-758-7188, or email us at support@mygeneimage.com.

Can I order more than one piece of artwork at a time?

Sure. Further, you will enjoy a 10% discount for all the pieces starting from the 2nd one.

Can I place an order on genes that are not available on your website?

We do provide customized services. Contact us for the gene you are interested in and we will see if it is possible. In most situations, we will be able to find the one you want. However, in some situations, we may not be able to identify the gene that encodes the trait you describe.

Sample Collection

How samples are collected, what is a buccal cell?

Once we receive your DNA collection kit, we extract it with our specialized DNA extraction kit. A buccal cell is the name for the cells inside of your cheek. Your DNA is extracted from buccal cells and the collection process is easy and painless. We include collection instructions in the Collection Kit we send to you.

Why do I need to scratch my inner mouth several times with the sample collector?

So that we will have enough DNA to process your order.

Is the sample-taking process painful?

Not all. It's harmless, painless and simple. The only thing you need to do is to use the sample collector to scratch the inner side of your mouth several times.

How can I be sure the art is made from my DNA?

MyGenImage guarantees that the process is authentic. We have a bar coding system installed to ensure the accuracy of the whole sample processing. Further, at request, we will send you the original sequencing traces from our DNA Analyzers as proof that we did process your sample.

Data & Products

Is the original technical data of DNA sequence used to generate the artwork availbable?

Yes. Actually, if you have any doubts about the authenticity of the artwork, or the sequence given to you, we can send you the original data with dated stamp in electronic form as the proof that the artwork is derived from your gene sequence.

Are electronic files of the DNA sequences available?

Yes. These files are actually what scientists and researchers across the globe use when they are discovering genes. For those of you interested in the science behind it, and exactly what researchers work with, you can choose to have it shipped to you with the final product. It will be a $25 extra charge to have it included.

What kind of specific genetic information can you retrieve from the final product?

The genetic information that we can get from your artwork would be if someone wrote every single base pair down and used one of the massive databases to decipher what gene it belongs to.

Can I order more than one artwork from one sample collection kit?

Of course, actually the more swabs you do against your cheek the higher the chance we will get all of the DNA we need to give you a quality sequence and piece of art, which we will then use for all the pieces you desire.

Can I order my artwork in electronic/digital format?

If you wish to have your DNA art in electronic format to go through one of your own canvas printing places or would like to place it on another piece that we do not offer, we would be morethan happy to process it this way. It will come as a significant discount to our normal order. (However our return policy does not apply here.)

Do you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

Definitely, Upon receiving your product, within 2 weeks, if you are not satisfied with the product you received for any reasons, simply return it to us and we will either refund in full for the porduct or make another copy for you at no extra charge. Please note, however, the shipping and handling costs are not refundable. However, you have to let us know either by phone (888)-758-7188 or by email that you want to return the product within two weeks after you receive yor order. We will issue you a return # and send you an email with return instructions. You will be responsible for the return shipping.


Can the data generated by MyGeneImage be admitted in court?

No. It's simply because the sample collection process is done by your self and not done by a third party.

What if the results turned out to be that the results of the child do not match that of the father. Does it mean that the child is not fathered by the claimed father?

No, please keep in mind that these genes can be transferred by both parents. Even though we have a system that makes sure that no mistakes have on our end mixes up samples from different orders, we still can not guarantee the source. The reason is that since the samples are taken at the home of our customers and we do not monitor the sample taking process, we have no assurance that the buccal cell is taken from the claimed person. Please note that we are only responsible to the person who places the order. So, all the results, final products, and communications will be sent ot him/her.

Privacy & Security

How do you protect my privacy?

Bar coding system:
The DNA is never going to be identified by your name, but the order number placed, which is why we go by a bar coding system instead of by the person itself.

DNA is destroyed after one month:
Your DNA will be destroyed after one month. Therefore, no genetic material will be kept one month after the product is shipped.


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