MyGeneImage was founded as a division of Eton Bioscience Inc to provide creative DNA Art pieces to the public. As a DNA sequencing-biomedical service company, Eton Bioscience Inc ( has made important contributions to scientific discovery for the life science research community, which include biomedical research institutions, hospitals and biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies. While Eton Bioscience Inc is aimed at providing technical services to scientific researchers, MyGeneImage was created to introduce the fascinating world of genetics to the public. We captivate the natural beauty of your DNA and display it in art form. The piece is inspired and created from the basis of you and your life. Whenever anyone asks, "Who is the real artist of your DNA masterpiece?" you can proudly say, you are.


MyGeneImage turns part of your DNA into a highly personalized Art. The inner beauty of you and your genetic code is revealed to you in a form of Art. We are offering a kind of self-exploration that was not available five years ago. Your Artwork is designed to be displayed at your home or office to impress and inspire yourself, as well as to captivate and enthrall your guests into exploring their own genetic origins.

The creation of the Artwork starts with the collection of your cheek cells. We then extract the DNA from your cells and purify it. Using specific probes, the next part of the process ends up being that we find the gene you desired to create in your DNA Art. Once your DNA has been found, amplified and sequenced, we print it on exquisite canvas or engrave it into timeless crystal.

Our Goals

We, at MyGeneImage, appreciate the beauty of human genetic code not only for its role in life, but in its own right as something that is beautiful and artistic. We also maintain the goal to enrich the educational experience of all of our customers by providing a compelling introduction into the basis of our genetic origin. From DNA Art to its role in ancestry, to implications about your health, we at MyGeneImage are dedicated to bringing you relevant information about all new, exciting, and intriguing facts you can discover about your own DNA.

We seek to stimulate fascination of the genetic code as a basis for life in the artwork products created by our customers. We likewise hope our customers will share their fascination, excitement and newly gained knowledge about the basis of heredity from their DNA artwork to their friends, children and relatives.

Along with providing an outlet for artistic innovation from DNA, we also hope to inspire a love of learning about DNA, biology, and life, in our customers. We believe that our customers will become curious about their genetic origins and have a desire to understand how DNA works to make each individual unique.

DNA Art is Unique

We distinguish ourselves by being committed to bringing you the absolute newest and state-of-the-art techniques to enable you to get to know your genetic code and consequently, yourself. We not only provide majestic artwork but add intellectual flavors to help you get into contact with a part of yourself that was virtually impossible to view less than a decade ago. We also allow you to connect it with family members, friends, and pets as we offer art for everyone, and can help you to make a completely customized piece to hang onto the wall.

MyGeneImage DNA Art is personal and unique to you since it displays your actual DNA sequence and pieces of genes that you chose. If you have ever been curious as to what the DNA to your hair color, eye color, or pheromones looks like, we extract it for you, and allow you to get in touch with exactly what you desire. Your DNA sequence is embedded into an art masterpiece and becomes an integral component of it.

Our Laboratory

The laboratory of MyGeneImage is located in the Sorrento Mesa area of San Diego, a hotbed for biotech industry. We are situated nearby the well-known scenic beach-side community of La Jolla, California.

We have an experienced and dedicated scientific and technical team, and maintain all of state-of-the-art DNA isolation and sequencing equipment at this centralized laboratory site. Your samples are received at this laboratory, where DNA is extracted and amplified before being subjected to DNA sequencing.


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